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Sabin’s List of Fun Stuff

Keeping the brain active is important all the time.  There are many ways to do that including puzzles, Below are links to resources tested and tried by Sabin students and staff for engagement, interest and skill building.  Give them a try and feel free to leave comments with your own resources to share.

And as always, parents, it is a great idea to know what the content is that your child is choosing.  Who knows, you might end up finding a fun two-player game or puzzle to share together. Have fun and keep learning…

Michael Diltz

Top Pick for Math and Logic Fun.


Math and Reading games and activities funbrain-logo

This PPS provided online resource is a great way to read books online or on a tablet, listen to stories, play games and learn new things.   focus-story-tumblebooks

  • username: pps
  • password: books



Beginner to intermediate

intermediate to advanced

To track your progress use your student apps4pps.net account and password.  Click the Sign in with Google button when clicking “sign in”.

Programming fun with games

Code your astronaut to victory!!!

Puppy is lost.  Can you help her get home?


20 classic science experiments


Physics Simulations


Tons of Summer themed science fun

Analyzing Primary Source VIDEO: America at Work, America at Leisure: Motion Pictures from 1894 to 1915

Today we are going to look  at  film  beginning in the  late  1800’s  to  1915.

  1. CLICK HERE to access the collection
  2. spend 10 minutes viewing videos.  Choose one video to focus on.
  3. Complete the worksheet and be sure and label the paper with the title of the video.
  4. Turn it in, view more videos OR return your computer and checkout books. Your choice.

Use the image below if you feel stuck or need some help with completing your analysis worksheet.

Fall News from the Library

What we are up to:

Our year is off to a great start. Third through fifth grade students learned about how and why books get banned and challenged around the world.  Fifth grade welcomed a guest speaker from Multnomah County Libraries to enhance their understanding of this important topic.


Kindergarten through second grade students are working on early literacy and comprehension skills while getting to know the library, our system of organizing books, and our puppet friend, Reid.




December 4th, author and illustrator Mike Lawrence, of the Star Scouts series and illustrator of the graphic novel, Muddy Max, will visit Sabin. He will share about the writing and illustrating process for our third through fifth grade classes.  Be on the look-out for more information. For those who would like their own copies of his books order forms are available and due November 15th. You can even request a personalized, autographed copy for your student.


Library Redesign:


One goal this year is to redesign our library space.  To make this happen, students will be actively involved in the process.  Currently we are in the brainstorming phase and ideas are being accepted in a suggestion box in the library.  Fifth grade classes will be measuring the space and all major furniture as a part of math class. Interested in sharing your ideas and helping out with this project? 


Contact the teacher-librarian, Michael Diltz at mdiltz@pps.net.



We are looking for volunteers to help shelve books in the library.  Training is provided and it is a fun way to get new book ideas for your own family as well as see what our BIG Sabin community of readers enjoy reading. If interested stop in the library or contact our fantastic library assistant, Kimberley Peterson at kpeterson1@pps.net.