You call it Art. I call is Design. What’s the Difference?

Have you seen any of these products or graphics before?  How about the products?  Some may look familiar while others shown here are completely new.  All of the images in this article share something in common, they are all examples of design.

Design is intended to accomplish a task, but the role of art is to transform the viewer.

If many of these images also look like art than join the club.  There is a difference between art and design however.  

Art asks questions, while design answers them.

Designers ask questions about their product: What problem are you solving? Is it ergonomic enough? What will the psychological response of the average user be to this particular arrangement of design elements? Will it cause them distress, or will they have a good experience?

You can appreciate a design even more once you know why it was made. It’s not just a pretty picturethere’s a concrete reason why it exists and a concrete problem that it solves. Design geeks love to get into the nitty-gritty of what makes a particular design work so well. Simply put, designers use the left (mathematical) sides of their brains to create work that resembles something from the right (artistic) side.

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