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The 2016 Election

Scholastic News: Election 2016

Read all the latest election news from kid reporters, as well as learning how an election works. Kids can cast their own votes at this site!

Time for Kids: Election 2016

Read news articles and meet the candidates. Kids can vote at this site, too.

Electoral Process

Congress for Kids: Elections

Learn all about the process of electing a president, from the primaries to the conventions to the electoral college. This site includes quizzes and discussion questions.

How to Become President of the U.S.

Follow the election process step by step. Includes a printable poster.

Schoolhouse Rock: Electoral College

This video explains how the electoral college works.

PBSKids: Step Inside the Voting Booth

Learn why voting is so important, go back in the voter time machine and see if you could have voted in the past, or find ways that you can be involved in elections, even if you’re too young to vote.

Women/Minority Voting Rights

Voting Rights

This blog post from the Multnomah County Library Homework Center has a brief history of voting rights and links to other resources.

Time for Kids: The Fight to Vote

This short article includes a timeline of events leading up to women gaining the right to vote.

Could You Afford to Vote?

This short article from the Library of Congress explains poll taxes and how they were abolished.

The First March from Selma

A short article about this famous march for African American voting rights, which became known as Bloody Sunday


2016-17 Election Resources
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