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Welcome Back to Sabin

Hi there.

How was your Summer?

What is your favorite new book?

What games do you like to play?

What do you like about them?

What makes you happy?…..

I have so many questions for you and I am looking forward to meeting you for the very first time and seeing many of you again.  If you have been at Sabin since the 2016-2017 school year then we already met and it will be such a joy to see you again too.

Your Friend,


Mr. Diltz’s List of Summer Learning Fun

Keeping the brain active is important all the time but especially during the summer months.  There are many ways to do that including puzzles, reading, worksheets, games, building, coding, drawing, art, music, cooking, dancing….  The list is HUGE.  

Below are links to resources tested and tried by Sabin students and staff for engagement, interest and skill building.  Give them a try and feel free to leave comments with your own resources to share.

And as always, parents, it is a great idea to know what the content is that your child is choosing.  Who knows, you might end up finding a fun two-player game or puzzle to share together. Have fun and keep learning…

Michael Diltz

Top Pick for Math and Logic Fun.


Math and Reading games and activities funbrain-logo

This PPS provided online resource is a great way to read books online or on a tablet, listen to stories, play games and learn new things.   focus-story-tumblebooks

  • username: pps
  • password: books



Beginner to intermediate

intermediate to advanced

To track your progress use your student account and password.  Click the Sign in with Google button when clicking “sign in”.

Programming fun with games

Code your astronaut to victory!!!


Puppy is lost.  Can you help her get home?


20 classic science experiments




Physics Simulations


Tons of Summer themed science fun


Creative Uses for Computer Parts

So you now are a pro.  You know where the hard drive is, what it does and what it looks like.  You have removed and installed RAM.  Checked out the central processor chip.  Removed wires and parts from a motherboard.  and NOW we are left with all of these interesting parts.  Before we recycle them we should consider ways that we can HACK the parts we have into something new, useful and creative.

Maybe we won’t be making a monitor aquarium…0626af7e0464940a517388813c4b691b

or motherboard coffee table…circuit-board-coffee-table-1

or even this super cute mouse mouse…

and definitely not a toilet made of computer parts…


but I just know that with a little online searching, spending some time with the parts on hand in the electronics workshop and some brainstorming with others, you can find something very cool to create for you or someone else.

Below are several links to check out to jump start your brainstorming.  Share your ideas with others. You never know when or where a good idea may be hiding.

Pinterest Computer Part Reuse

Amazing Computer ReUse

Upcycled Computer Parts

Local Artist Reuses Computer Parts to make Art



All About Computers

Input and output devices provide a way for information to get IN to the computer or for information to be displayed or presented OUT of the computer.  Try the game below to see if you can figure out the difference.




Technology is EVERYWHERE.  Play the activity below to learn about all the technology tools that we use in our lives.


Think you know the parts of a computer?  Play the game below to test your skills.