Welcome Back to Sabin

Hi there.

How was your Summer?

What is your favorite new book?

What games do you like to play?

What do you like about them?

What makes you happy?…..

I have so many questions for you and I am looking forward to meeting you for the very first time and seeing many of you again.  If you have been at Sabin since the 2016-2017 school year then we already met and it will be such a joy to see you again too.

Your Friend,



This week is the Hour of Code event.  All across the world students and life long learners everywhere are learning a bit about computer programming through the awesome games available at CODE.ORG.

Despite the fact that all third through seventh grade students are currently involved in working toward 10 hours of coding, we are going to have some fun with HOUR OF CODE this week too.


So click the image below and let’s get started…


Library News September 2015

Library Collection Update

Thanks to the students from the University of Portland as well as our super awesome library assistant, Mitzi McMullen, we have inventoried both the non-fiction AND fiction collection of our library this year. We have accounted for ALL books on the shelf and checked out for the two collections.  Our collection had not been accounted for quite a few years due to switching catalog systems and library services available here at Sabin.  The total count for lost books is:

  • Non-fiction=508
  • Fiction= 671
  • Total lost=1179 books

Our online catalog, which you can access HERE, now reflects accurately what we hold in our collection. All of it is available to you anytime.  Just send an email to me or Mitzi (mmcmulle@pps.net), and we will pull the titles you are looking for and get them to you.  If you need a book we do NOT have in our collection, let us know that too and we can order it from another school, or if it is a title we should have here, will purchase the book.

We are also in the process of generating lists of potential titles to add to our general fiction, picture books and Young Adult collections.  If you have any recommendations, let us know and we will add it to our list if possible.


 Thanks to the PTA we received multiple copies of all 16 OBOB titles in our 3-5 division AND our 6-8 division. Click the following links to view an annotated list for:

Due to the number of potential patrons for these books, students are able to check-out only one OBOB title at a time.  If you would like an OBOB title to read aloud in your class, let me know and I will check one out to teachers before making them available school-wide.