Creative Uses for Computer Parts

So you now are a pro.  You know where the hard drive is, what it does and what it looks like.  You have removed and installed RAM.  Checked out the central processor chip.  Removed wires and parts from a motherboard.  and NOW we are left with all of these interesting parts.  Before we recycle them we should consider ways that we can HACK the parts we have into something new, useful and creative.

Maybe we won’t be making a monitor aquarium…0626af7e0464940a517388813c4b691b

or motherboard coffee table…circuit-board-coffee-table-1

or even this super cute mouse mouse…

and definitely not a toilet made of computer parts…


but I just know that with a little online searching, spending some time with the parts on hand in the electronics workshop and some brainstorming with others, you can find something very cool to create for you or someone else.

Below are several links to check out to jump start your brainstorming.  Share your ideas with others. You never know when or where a good idea may be hiding.

Pinterest Computer Part Reuse

Amazing Computer ReUse

Upcycled Computer Parts

Local Artist Reuses Computer Parts to make Art



All About Computers

Input and output devices provide a way for information to get IN to the computer or for information to be displayed or presented OUT of the computer.  Try the game below to see if you can figure out the difference.




Technology is EVERYWHERE.  Play the activity below to learn about all the technology tools that we use in our lives.


Think you know the parts of a computer?  Play the game below to test your skills.



This week is the Hour of Code event.  All across the world students and life long learners everywhere are learning a bit about computer programming through the awesome games available at CODE.ORG.

Despite the fact that all third through seventh grade students are currently involved in working toward 10 hours of coding, we are going to have some fun with HOUR OF CODE this week too.


So click the image below and let’s get started…


Logic Gates..Or Why is your smartphone so hot!!!

These are diagrams of logic gates…


logic_gates-14a976e1fc31080fcc3logic gate circuit board

Check out the BrainPop video for Logic Gates HERE.

  1.  Let’s have a look at logic gates as they relate to lighting a lightbulb.  A simple task right?


2.  Try out logic gates with the LOGIC GATES SIMULATOR

Play this Game.  Be sure to read ALL instructions.

Complete the worksheet.  Partner work is fine.  It is challenging.

Other Resources