Pacific Northwest Native FolkTales and Flora, Fauna, Landforms: A Webliography

Naming the Cascade Range Volcanoes

Shares the Native American legends about Mount Hood and Mount St. Helen.


Crater Lake as a Sacred Site

Explains the significance of Crater Lake to Native people before the arrival of white people.


How Crater Lake Came to Be

Kalamath legend shared by the Crater Lake Institute.


Symphony for Nature 

This video of a musical event shares the Crater Lake creation story.


Native American Legends about Mountains in the Pacific Northwest

“Many Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest believed that powerful spirits lived on top of mountains. Spirits you wouldn’t want to mess with.”


Native American Legends 

This page has legends listed by tribe, so click on Pacific Northwest tribes like Tlingit, Tillamook, Salish, Klamath and others to find tales related to this area.


The Myths And Folklore From Pacific Northwest Contain Some Truly Terrifying Legends 

Some scary legends from the Pacific Northwest Native people.


Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

“Although the stories of Thunderbird and Whale are common among the Native American people in the Pacific Northwest, the native myths vary between tribes.”


Myth-Folklore Unit: Pacific Northwest

This site for a class on folklore contains many Pacific Northwest tales.


A Book of Creatures

Some Pacific Northwest monsters from Native tales.


Humans Visited Mt. Rainier 9000 Years Ago

This article mentions spiritual reasons ancient people explored the mountains.


Mythical Fire-Mountains of the Cascades

This site share the mythology around the Cascade mountain range.


Symbols in Haida Art 

This site explains what some natural plants, animals and minerals represented to the Haida, and in their legends.


Sasquatch/Big Foot Legends

Sasquatch has Native American origins, and is part of some traditional belief systems.


OSU – Volcano Legends

 Native American legends about volcanoes.


Ancient Legends Give an Early Warning of Modern Disasters

Pacific Northwest mythologies (among others)record earthquakes and tsunamis of the past.


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