Thank You Access Students

When I was in my mid-twenties and had already been teaching for 4 years I decided to pursue a passion of mine, music recording.  So I left my career, enrolled at San Francisco State University in the Music Recording Industry program.  There I had an entire year immersed in something I loved surrounded by people who shared that same passion.  We could NOT get enough.  After and before classes, nights and weekend, I would find any audio related project and jump right in.

I didn’t find that level of passion in grade school, middle or high school.  I didn’t find that level of interest and obsession in my undergraduate years.

It is exceedingly rare to find a community of people to surround yourself with daily that inspires, motivates, shares interests and builds community around learning and growing.  You have that here at Access Academy.  You graciously allowed me to be a part of that ‘magic’ and I have grown so much as a learner, teacher and person from my experiences this year with you all.

Thank you.

Mr. Michael Diltz

Little Mr. Diltz the fisherman